Testimony on the effects of LIMU on Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis!!!

COMPLETELY OFF ALL LUPUS MEDS! PAIN FREE! ALL NATURAL LIMU FUCOIDAN! Linda talks about her amazing results from drinking LIMU ORIGINAL, after suffering 30 long years!     




David shares his story of improved health after drinking LIMU ORIGINAL so that you'll know it's possible for a better quality of life even though you may have HIV. There's hope!




Lloyd Petersen, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Prostate Cancer, Kidney and Liver Failure. LIMU ORIGINAL helped his body heal itself!




After two miscarriages, Shandra found out that it was due to pre-cancerous cells in her uterine. She began taking the LIMU and upon going to her follow-up visit, all cancer was gone!







    Scleroderma is a connective tissue disease that involves changes in the skin, blood vessels, muscles, and internal organs. It is a type of autoimmune disorder, a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue.  Doug shares how LIMU has forever changed his life!!! No more pain, and is completely off medications!!! He also no longer has severe allergies!!    



Awesome LIMU Testimony!!! Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Candida Yeast Overgrowth, Mouth Thrush, Eczema, Sleep Deprivation, Asthma!!!


LIMU FUCOIDAN And It's Effect On High Cholesterol, More Energy, Pain Relief!!!!

My name is Toni. I had terribly high cholesterol levels-350!!. After drinking LIMU for 5 weeks I went to the doctor and had another blood test. This time it was 240. I attribute this totally to LIMU. My husband Walter's cholesterol also dropped 100 points in about 4 weeks--his doctor could not believe it! He said whatever you are doin
g keep doing it! My Mom is 78 years old, and was hurting all over-her body- hips, legs, back, joints etc. She also is feeling much better! She walks better and looks better. She has much more energy than she did before drinking LIMU! We are all so grateful!

Toni Miller
Fort Worth, Tx.

LIMU FUCOIDAN And It's Effect On Alzheimer's.

We started with LIMU over 2 years ago when John S. brought me a bottle and said try it. I did some research and found some studies on Fucoidan and Alzheimer's. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about a year before. She lived in Ohio with my sister's family and it was getting too hard for them to care for Mom so we talked about a facility for Mom. Sue and I decided to bring Mom out to be with us since Sue was home and it would be great for everyone. We promised the family that if Mom got worse we would bring her back to Ohio. Mom got to that point shortly before we started with LIMU. She had that glassy eye look, did not know any of us, used one word responses. and choked at every meal. We ground up her food and she still choked - this could not go on much longer! But when we started her on the LIMU - SHE NEVER CHOKED AGAIN! She started to talk more, smile and joke. She knew who we were and she still had Alzheimer's, but her condition greatly improved. She had a better quality of life until she turned 88 and passed away. BUT THE LIMU GAVE MOM IMPROVED LIFE STYLE THE LAST 1 1/2 YEARS OF HER LIFE. Mom could not take any of the meds for Alzheimer's because they drove her blood pressure way up but on the LIMU her pressure was just fine. I hope this helps as you share the story with others. Everyone needs to be taking LIMU ORIGINAL everyday!

In Our Savior's Love,

Mike & Sue Wanner


LIMU FUCOIDAN And It's Effect On Diabetes.

LIMU offers help for diabetics. In a January issue of Reproductive Nutrition and Development, French researchers reported that the polysaccharides found in brown seaweed positively impacted blood sugar and insulin responses. The addition of these polysaccharides resulted in what they described as a "dramatically reduced glucose absorption balance." What this suggests is that polysaccharide compounds like Fucoidan, slow the the infusion of glucose into the bloodstream from the intestines, thereby helping to keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent excessive insulin responses. For people with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia, this is good news!


LIMU FUCOIDAN And It's Effect On Pre-Leukemia & Very Low Red and White Blood Cells.

My name is Linda Cardenas from McAllen,Texas and this is my testimony about how my health was deteriorating right before my eyes. On July 2009 my bi-monthly blood results showed my platelets dropping. The doctors continued to monitor my blood and the condition was getting worst. My oncologist ordered a bone marrow biopsy, which did not give us any answers. After several months of no improvement, my doctor suggested that I get on a steroid treatment to see if that would improve the platelets. I opted not to take the steroids due to the large amt. of side effects. In late April, the bone marrow biopsy was repeated. It showed some abnormalities, so I was referred to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston In May, the biopsy was repeated and I was diagnosed with MDS, which is a pre-leukemia condition which in my case was caused by the chemo and radiation treatments I had received in 2001. My platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells were very low. I was told that because of my heart problem, two open heart surgeries, that a bone marrow transplant would not be an option. I did not qualify for any medical trials in Houston either. Basically I was told that I had * * 3-6 months to live ** without chemo ** and ** 8-10 months with chemo. I decided ** No Chemo **. Needless to say my heart dropped and I lost all hope. To be honest my faith in God was very low in that office and I just could not believe what this doctor was saying to me. We came back with the bad news and started informing our family members. My sister in-law Denise ad heard from a friend of a wonderful juice that was producing a lot of powerful testimonies. Denise brought me a bottle of LIMU ORIGINAL and I started drinking four ounces three times (12 ozs.) a day. I also attended one of Liza and Brendan's LIMU Parties in McAllen, where I heard a lot of testimonies of how LIMU was helping. After one week on LIMU, I had more blood work done. Praise Be To The Lord!! ... My results indicated my blood was getting better and not worst. My platelets were back at 47(k). I kept on drinking my LIMU and after three weeks I went to my MD and had more blood work done. He called and gave me the Very Good News!! My platelets were at 59(k) and my other levels were very close to normal!! So, I'm on my fourth week and I'm going to keep on drinking and thanking my God that He sent the LIMU ORIGINAL!  I pray my testimony helps someone. I Give God All The Glory!

Linda Cardenas
Mission, Texas.


LIMU FUCOIDAN and it's effect on Skin Eczema.

This is a testimonial that happened right before my eyes. I was promoting wellness and health during a weekend filled with great healers that came together.

A new friend of mine has had a skin eczema continuously for 5 years and on and off prior that. My girlfriend is a massage therapist and has had rough dry reddened, cracked and bleeding hands. Her hands looked terribleand painfully itchy. You could see and feel that she was in burning pain and itchiness. Every five to ten minutes she would be putting cream on her hands to stop them form being dry, itchy and cracking further.

I had a small mister bottle of LIMU ORIGINAL in my purse that I was using for myself as a facial spray. I asked her if she would be willing to try LIMU instead of her cream for the rest of the day. She had also just started taking LIMU internally. She was willing try anything and said she was desperate. So driving along in the car I gave her my mister and she started misting her hands and arms. I had to remind her a few times not to scratch out of habit and to mist instead.

By bedtime her hands were feeling better and you could see some of the redness going away. Twenty fours hours later you could see less swelling and redness, she was commenting relief and the itchiness wasn't as intense. Two days later she called me at home thanking me for this. She intends to call with updates in the disappearance of her eczema.

Yours in wellness and health,

Denise Everett RN


LIMU FUCOIDAN and it's effect on Fibroid Tumors, Acne, Cellulite.

I feel compelled to give my testimony because of the rapid results that I have received and I am just on my 3rd bottle. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this product has been sent for such a time as this!!! Our foods are genetically modified and our meats are filled with harmful chemicals.

I have been in the health and fitness arena for over 14 years and considered myself a healthy person. I have tried every natural nutritional product that hits the market and NOTHING,NOTHING, NOTHING even comes close to comparing withLIMU.

I had four preduncated FIBROID TUMORS in my abdomen, was married for 8 years, unable to get pregnant and refused to let the doctors cut on me. Within a 24 hour period after drinking LIMU, my fibroids shrank considerably. They did not disappear totally, but the fact that they shrank considerably within such a short period of time, GOT MY ATTENTION!!!

I realized after a week of drinkng LIMU, I was no longer using proactive to clear up my acne. I no longer experienced back pain with my menstrual cycle. My hair has been growing like a weed. My fingernails are now strong and healthy looking...as well as my cuticles.

I bruise easily if I bump into something and it usually takes months for the bruise to disappear. Well, I bruised my leg while drinking the LIMU and the bruise totally disappeared within 7 days. The topper came when I was sharing my testimony and a young lady asked me, "if it does all of that, do you think it will get rid of cellulite"? I went home and checked out my backside and upper thighs...then and there I knew there was a GOD IN HEAVEN...CELLULITE COMPLETELY GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I will be drinking LIMU for the rest of my days here on earth and I cannot wait to share this product with everyone that I meet



LIMU FUCOIDAN and it's effect on Headaches, seizures, shakes and paralyzed esophagus.

This is Sara Crosby. I first talked to you [Cathy] in June 2008. I will never forget the wonderful story that you told me about your husband, Kenneth and what LIMU had done for him. I knew that God was saying Yes, you can help someone else besides yourself.

I was born with a headache (at least) I thought. I never remember too many days without one. I was treated for many different problems, but none seems to help my headaches. Then I started having seizures and they discovered that I had a Meningioma. I had to take some very strong medicine. I could not drive and had to quit my job (which I loved). My hair came out and my nails were stubbs. I could not work out in the yard over 20 minutes a day. I could not not mop or clean house without resting every few minutes. The worse thing was that I could not pick up my granddaughter or anything very heavy.

I also have osteoporosis and it has really helped the pain. I could not hold a cup of coffee with one hand because I shook so bad. My handwriting was scribbly (like I was a 100). I was so tired all the time. But Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started taking LIMU and my whole life has changed. The first thing my husband noticed was my beautiful hand-writing. Yes I can pick up my 4 year old granddaughter and do anything I want to and could not do before.

I have so much energy that I feel like I am 20 years old. I sure do Thank God and Cathy. I appreciate my Health so much more.

My Doctor has taken me off of the strong seizure medicine, halved my high blood pressure medicine, and took me off of part of my calcium. Each time that I go to the Doctors (2 of them) they both say, "Don't stop taking the LIMU". My reply is NEVER.

Sara Crosby

UPDATE 8/13/2011

My husband and I were taking a little rest in our swing in the back yard, it's made from a metal material. Three of the hooks holding the swing broke at the same time while I was swinging. My left leg got hit or it came down on the back of my leg. This was my
130 lbs. and Mel's 190lbs. I had to pull my leg out from under the swing. This happened 4 months ago. I did not have any bones broken. My leg is just a hard mass from the fat part on down into my ankle. It shoots out some bad pains. When I get up, it is hard to walk because I am weak. This kinda goes and comes back.

I went to a nerve and muscle specialist. After all the tests. He asked me what kind of vitamins did I take? I told him all about the LIMU. He had not heard of it. He said that he was going to study and learn more about it.

He then told me that I have Neuropathy and I have had it for at least 12 years. I first started having Restless legs back about 1987 and they got much worse around 1998. The doctor started giving me some medicine in 1999 which helped some, but not as much as when I started taking the LIMU. Then after the swing accident they both flared up. He said that the Neuropathy would go from better to worse and in my case the LIMU had made mine better or I would not be able to walk by this time. His prescription is for me to take more LIMU than what I have been taking daily and I would not any other medicine. I also have to keep massaging my leg to work out the mass of nerves.

He said this was just a Miracle because my neuropathy was doing so good. I had a follow up with my Doctor that sent me to the Specialist and he really complemented on the LIMU and said he would go along with everything that the Specialist had said.

Sara Crosby

Now I would like to tell you about my Brother-in-Law.

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and 4th Stroke.

By Brother-in-Law George Coke is a diabetic, has High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure. He had his fourth Stroke.This paralyzed his Esophagus. They had to put a feeding tube in his stomach. When he left the Hospital, the doctor told him and my sister that his Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and his Sugar was very High. Higher than it had ever been.

When they went home my sister put LIMU in his feeding tube (first thing) for every feeding. They went back in less than two weeks. His Blood Pressure, Sugar and Cholesterol was down so much that he said that she must be doubled up on his medicine. She told him that she had given him just what it needed. He told to cut back to half and come back in a week. She went back and he said that it was too low and she would have to have given him doubled dose. He took him off of all three medicines. He is 82 and will be taking LIMU for the rest of his LIFE.

My sister (Mary Kate Coke) has been taking LIMU for about 2 years. Her testimony is that she does not know when she has ever felt so good and had so much energy


Brandon, Ms


LIMU FUCOIDAN and it's effect on 2nd Degree BURNS that completely healed in 5 days!!!!

I had an experience with Original Limu on Friday, December 16, 2005. In taking a sip out of a thermos bottle that I had just filled with boiling hot chocolate, I misjudged where the spout was and it poured down my chin and neck. All the skin immediately came off my chin and part of my lips started bubbling shortly thereafter. The neck area was only red.

I immediately called my sister who is an RN and in natural medicine. She is also an author who is presently writing a book on Seaweed and who recommended I drink Original Limu some 6 months before for general health, which I did. We immediately prayed over the phone that the Lord would heal me fast and without any scarring. She then recommended I take a tablespoon of Limu with five drops lavender essential oil and apply it topically to the burned areas. This immediately took the burning sensation away and the redness on my neck. I continued to apply this mixture for the next two days. The entire chin area was completely raw and even bled in certain areas. I drank 2 bottles of Original Limu during the next two days which I am thankful I had available. I know that was a little excessive, but I wanted to make sure I didn't get an infection.

I went to the Dermatologist on the 4th day, Monday December 18th. He confirmed I had 2nd degree burns and said it would take approximately one month to heal and he couldn't promise there would be no scarring.

The very next day, the 5th day around 7pm I was putting on the ointment the Dermatologist had given me and something started to rub off. My husband told me to stop picking and I said I wasn't picking, that something was coming off naturally. That evening all the dead skin had flaked off and I had new pink skin on the entire chin. There was one little scab at the corner of my mouth, but that's all that remained of the burn. No scabs, no scarring!

I credit it to the Lord first and foremost, but then using Original Limu. I wish I had taken a picture so I could show how bad it was and how quickly it healed. But at the time who would want to have a picture of themselves looking that way! When I think back on this experience now, I am still amazed and thankful for this complete healing.

Christine Delmolino, Texas



LIMU FUCOIDAN and its effect on Gout, Hepatitis A, Allergies, Sinus & Hay Fever, Yellow Jaundice, Acid Reflux

I have been sickly all of my life because Severe Chronic Allergies kept my immune system over-worked. I have suffered with Severe Sinus Migraine Headaches and Chronic Hay Fever all of my life. I’ve had to take Cortisone and narcotic prescription drugs just to help me breathe. I have been hospitalized several times because my lungs or stomach was infected because of drainage caused by allergies. In my late 30’s I suffered with Hepatitis A (spending 9 weeks in bed trying to save my life), 2 major gall bladder surgeries and 7 cases of Yellow Jaundice in 7 years. I was told by my doctor that allergy shots were killing my liver. I never took another allergy shot; I just suffered with my allergies and fatigue.

A little before I started taking Limu, Gout had begun to cripple my hands and feet. The constant severe pain kept me awake at night. Knots at the base of my thumbs began to form and I couldn’t do my household work and my needlework, it was too painful. I lived with the fear of knowing that Gout can cause destruction of the bone and damage to the kidneys

My Acid Reflux was so bad that when I ate, I didn’t know if my food would stay down or come up. Sometimes I would have a muscle spasm in my esophagus so bad that I thought I was having a heart attack.

Conclusion: I have been on Limu for over 3 years and I haven’t had a sinus migraine headache in over 2 ½ years. My hay fever drainage is down to very little and I can actually go outside with no complications. My fatigue from Hepatitis A and my surgeries doesn’t keep me from doing what I want to do when I want to do it, because Limu gives me the energy I need. My Gout doesn’t even try to attack me anymore and I’m pain free with my Gout. Limu has kept it totally under control and the knots at the base of my thumbs have totally disappeared. My Acid Reflux is totally controlled with Limu. I can eat anything I want to without suffering.

Note: I am taking NO MEDICATIONS for any of my illnesses. I’m drinking at least 6 oz of Limu daily and will take it until I die. I believe the biggest mistake people make with Limu is they don’t drink enough to give their immune system the boost it needs.

What a Blessing the Lord has provided us with – Limu Original!!!

Jeanette Morris

Nutritional Herbologist

Lubbock, TX


The Cure for Lymphoma Is Underwater.

The ocean’s greatest treasure has nothing to do with pirates… Or sunken ships. It’s not even made of gold…
It’s a compound found in brown seaweed.
You’ve heard of seaweed. You might even eat it: seaweed salad, sushi rolls. But most people aren’t aware of its power.
The research comes from Mohammad Irhimeh. He’s an assistant professor of hematoncology and stem cells at Hashemite University in Jordan. He’s also a research fellow at Sydney Hospital in Australia. And he’s dedicated his work to the health benefits of seaweed.
“New therapies are desperately needed because some forms of B-cell lymphoma are especially resistant to standard treatment,” says Irhimeh.
For this study, he partnered with colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley and Royal Hobart Hospital in Australia. They found that a seaweed extract inhibited the growth of lymphoma cells. Because this approach was so innovative, Irhimeh was invited to present the results at the AACR Dead Sea International Conference on Advances in Cancer Research.
Seaweed’s Hidden Treasure
Lymphomas are blood cancers in the lymph glands. It happens when white blood cells act abnormally. B-cell lymphomas include both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin.
B-cell lymphoma originates in the immune system. It’s responsible for most non-Hodgkin lymphomas.
“In this study,” says Irhimeh, “we looked at a new treatment strategy using novel active compounds derived from a natural source – seaweed.”
The results were remarkable. The cancer cells’ growth was inhibited. And healthy cells were left intact.
Dr. Gloria Gilbère is from the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation. She’s published more than 1,400 articles on natural health. And she’s authored 11 books. She calls the research “scientific new hope” to cure lymphoma.
The compound in seaweed getting all this attention is fucoidan. It’s a sulfated polysaccharide. And it kills cancer cells by causing apoptosis. That means it causes the cells to commit suicide. It also prevents the growth of new blood vessels to cancer cells.
Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa is the author of The Amazing Power of Fucoidan. His book states that fucoidan “self-destructs cancer cells and cuts off the nutrient supply to the tumor.”
Researchers at the Biomedical Research Laboratories and Research Institutes for Glycotechnology Advancement agree. They’ve also found it caused cancer cells to self-destruct.
Look Out Lymphoma!
“Seaweed extracts hold promise of a new treatment approach for the tens of thousands of people who have or who will be diagnosed with lymphoma,” say researchers.
It’s a great alternative to chemotherapy, which destroys both cancerous and healthy cells.
And fucoidan isn’t only an antitumor agent. It helps stimulate immune response. That’s crucial when the body is being attacked by cancer.
It’s not surprising that the people of Okinawa enjoy the highest life expectancies in Japan. And have the lowest cancer rate in the country. They consume more brown seaweed than anyone else.
Let the Fucoidan Invasion Begin
You can add fucoidan to your diet with kombu. It’s a type of seaweed used in Japanese dishes. It’s also called konbu or kubu. You can find it in Asian markets and natural foods stores. It’s most often sold dried, but may be available fresh and frozen.
You can also take fucoidan supplements. You can find them in capsule, drink, and powder forms. A good rule of thumb is that the darker the product is, the more fucoidan it contains.
It’s not cheap… but life is priceless.
NPO Fucoidan Research Lab of Japan recommends 1 to 3 grams to boost the immune system; 3 to 6 grams to fight cancer. It’s most effective when taken four times a day.
Dr. Irhimeh’s study is powerful evidence of what fucoidan is capable of. Doctors around the world agree.
Thanks to this treasure from the sea, thousands of patients with lymphoma can have new hope.
To your best health,

Michael Jelinek,
Managing Editor,
NHD “Health Watch”


My Limu Testimony on DIABETES by JOLENE ARNOLD

In 1996, my gallbladder burst and after surgery I caught staph infections, not just one but twenty types. Doctor after doctor tried to help me with various treatments but none seemed to help. Instead of getting better, I was getting worse every passing day! My diabetes blood sugar count went to more than 600, my vision was getting more blurry by the day, and I was so weak that I could not say my name: Jolene Arnold. I could not be the wife, mother or daughter I should have been. The months turned to years and I was still no better even after being on all of the strong powerful antibiotics. I, then, broke out in blisters on my arms, legs, and stomach. The doctors could not believe what they were seeing and they just did not know what to do! I was a medical puzzle! Finally, after sores on my stomach were the size of silver dollars, were bright red and burning with infection and running liquid pus, I found a surgeon who did surgery to remove them.After this surgery, the other sores were still breaking out on my arms and legs. More doctors, more treatments and I was still sick. By the Spring of 2002, I had enough, I was ready to die...I was very depressed because I could not seem to get well. My strong belief in God, my family and my friends were what kept me going day to day. I owe my life to a wonderful wound care doctor in Lubbock, Texas. He encouraged me not to give up but to keep praying for a miracle to cure me.I had just finished taking eight-four bags of Vancomycin antibiotics thru a central line in my shoulder, when I first was introduced to Limu. A very caring lady shared her knowledge of the brown seaweed with me in September. At the same time, the Lubbock doctor had just told me my sores were now Venous Skin Ulcers, a form of blood clots. He said my left leg needed to be amputated. I told him no, that I had to think about it.

After drinking Limu two days, I saw my blood sugar reading drop from more than 400 to 325. I could see clearer and had more energy. Four days later, we left for home, I had that bottle in my hand and I was a believer...for the first time in more than six years, I was glad I was alive!!! I had an abundance of energy, I had blood sugar at 250, I had a better attitude (which made my husband very happy, and I wanted to share with everyone about this great product, Limu.It is now ten months later, I am still drinking Limu and sharing it with anyone who will listen!!! Instead of taking 100 units of insulin, I am taking none! I am off all medications after seven years, which is a savings of more than $600 per month.


LIMU FUCOIDAN and it's effect onPancreas, Bladder, Breast, Lung, Spine, Liver, Kidney, and Ovarian Cancers!!!

My name is Irene Sams, I live in Charlottesville, Virginia, and at the age of 81, although I am retired, I work full time in the home helping my daughter with her three children and keeping the household going. So I have a busy life and get up early and run until late each day. In November of 2003 I was diagnosed with three tumors on my Pancreas, shortly followed by Bladder Cancer in early 2004 and then Breast Cancer toward the end of 2004. I didn’t want to do chemo and radiation and refused the Pancreatic operation which was risky, only having surgery for the bladder and the mastectomy. I also refused the 10 year treatment program for the bladder cancer with live TB virus washes put into the bladder. Whatever time I had left I wanted quality of life, not quantity. Unfamiliar at the very beginning of my diagnosis with Limu, I embraced another alternative treatment program for about 6 weeks. When I became allergic to it, we decided to change to drinking the Limu because I was exhausted by hundreds of tablets and nearly a $1000 a month in costs with the other program. By May of 2005 the cancer had metastasized to the Lung, and the Spine and activity was now showing up in the Liver, Kidney and Ovary and they gave me 4 months to live. So knowing that the Limu had enabled me to recover from my mastectomy without painkillers, and improve the way I was feeling all around despite this report, I decided to hit it much harder and drink at least 12 – 16 ounces a day. About 6 weeks ago at my recent check up, my cancer markers are now down to 80, (25 is considered normal) and the small tumor that was present on my chest wall, has shrunk so small that they can no longer measure it. My bladder surgeon is astonished at how clear everything is because I didn’t do the ten year cancer treatment, and my oncologist complains that he can’t make any money out of me. My regular Doctor is astounded by how well I am and all that I have gone through without being sick. He says he’s never seen anyone have as many things wrong and get through it like me – he says it must be the Limu because he always says that he knows I am not going to follow any of his traditional suggestions. In the meantime I drink Limu every day – I don’t measure it, I simply fill up a large glass and drink it through the morning. When it’s finished, I fill it up again. Limu is a food, it doesn’t matter how much you drink, your body just knows what to do with the natural nutrition that it needs to keep healthy, plus you have all the incredible health benefits of Fucoidan.

Since we are all made up of cells that need to be replaced on a daily basis, we need to give our body the right raw materials to do that. Everyone should be drinking this for their long term health. Start early, start with the babies and children and that way maybe they wouldn’t be overweight and suffering from diabetes by the time they are in school. Believe me, being sick takes time and money – it’s not worth it. Drink Limu instead – what could be better?

Irene Sams
Charlottesville, Virginia



Approximately 7 years ago May, I had an accident which shattered my lower half of my body from my pelvis down. I had 2 surgeries to remove other rods and screws and glass in foot. I still today have the 2 rods across my pelvis of which have given me much discomfort with aches, pain and stiffness. I was always limited in my motions, could not stand or sit for very long at a time. The range of motion was very limited until I could get my body going and then it was like what I call "grandma moses". I had been contemplating another surgery to get out these last 2 rods because of the discomfort and the lack of motion I was experiencing.

December of 2008 my brother introduced me to Limu Original of which I was very skeptical and was to the extent that my brother decided to give Christmas gifts to the family because he truly believed in what the product could do. I began drinking 4oz in the morning and 4oz at bedtime. I slept like a baby and woke up with more energy than ever. The next best and greatest was in approximately 45 days later I was asked how I felt and then realized I had no pain or stiffness and could do anything. Oh man was I in "hog heaven". I now second guess whether I had a wreck 7 yrs ago and are my rods still back there and best of all I am not thinking about surgery anymore.

I have been truly blessed to have had this option that was pretty much pushed on me to try and I cannot say enough about Limu Original, everyone should at least give it a chance especially if you have tried so many things. What is your health worth?!

God Heals, Limu Helps!

Cindy Berry


LIMU FUCOIDAN and it's effect on Crohn's disease!!

In 1979 at the age of 19, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After two surgeries to remove part of the colon and small intestines, I have suffered greatly over the years. For the last several years I lived on crackers, rice and bland soups which never gave me enough nutrition to function anywhere near a normal life. I have been on numerous medications and tried many alternative products as well to no avail. In the last 2-3 years, every few months I would spend from one to three weeks in the hospital with a flare-up. Basically, it was to the point that all my physician could do was to keep me comfortable and out of pain until the symptoms passed. The physicians advised that any additional surgery would complicate my condition further.
In April 2004, while in the hospital, my family brought me LIMU. We discussed the fact that we had tried medical and alternative and that this was our last hope as the physicians had just advised us there was basically nothing more they could do at this time but keep me comfortable and out of pain. I had entered the hospital on Friday, started on LIMU on Sunday, was discharged on Tuesday, was out and driving on Thursday and went back to work on Monday…A MIRACLE IN ITSELF. This was unheard of for me. Over the last eight months I have not seen my physician or been in the hospital. I am also off all my medications!! My physician is actually calling me to see what is going on and is now asking for information about LIMU MOUI. I am also eating almost anything I want without it causing me pain!! I can truly say that I will never be without LIMU!!

Gina Patrick

LIMU TESTIMONY OF CARDIOMYOPATHY (Enlarged Heart) Story of Ken & Cathy Cummings & LIMU

Kenneth & Cathy Cummings 100K

Emory, TX 75440

We were both born in Texas. We have 3 Children,daughter Cyndie, who lives in Bedford TX., son, Robbie who lives in Midwest City, Okla., another son, Shon who lives in Texarkana, TX.

Kenneth started with Sonic Drive Ins in 1969 as Mgr/co-owner. Met and married Cathy in Feb. 1971. We continued with Sonic for 18 years as owners/mgrs. At one time we had interest in 13 Sonic Drive Ins in 3 states. We had a life of enormous stress and worry . . . then we tried just one restaurant (Mexican) and things weren't much better. With over $100,000 invested in a full time headache, the pressures of employee problems, trying to please the health department, trying to please the government . . . both state and federal . . . then trying to please the customer . . . the stress was overbearing.

After 28 years of S T R E S S, Kenneth was diagnosed by doctors as having Cardiomyopathy (an enlarged weak heart). Doctors said that it was caused from the stress and worry of business and not taking care of his body as he should. He was born with Asthma, and this just magnified the problem. We spent the last 8 years in and out of hospitals. On two occasions, his heart stopped and they had to use the paddles to jump start it. The doctors eventually told him that if he didn't get a heart transplant that he would not live 6 months.

Shortly afterwards he was literally fighting for his life, for 6 solid weeks he was up every night gasping for air, on a breathing machine, also on oxygen and Cathy standing over him praying. These episodes would last 2 to 3 hours at a time. When we received our first case of Limu, Kenneth took 2 ozs. before he went to bed. When he woke up it was 8 a.m., he had slept all through the night!!!


When this happened 3 nights in a row I woke up Monday Morning April 15th, an energy beyond my own, rose up in me, I took one look at that Bottle of Original Limu and said "the hand of GOD is on this product and everyone needs to know about it". At 8 a.m. I got on the phone and started sharing "the message of a miracle". At 8:15 p.m. I was still talking and because I have shared Our Miracle I have witnessed many Miracles that have even surprised me. GOD gave us a mission and we are sharing with everyone we can.

Before getting on the Limu Kenneth's pulse rate was 115 to 125 (resting). It gradually started coming down and by August of 2002 it had came down to 77 to 85.

He started out taking 2 ozs. twice a day, but now he takes 4 to 6 ozs. a day.

TLC and Original Limu has been a Blessing from GOD.


I can now go out and work outside all day. One day I cut 3 16' trailer loads of wood. I can pretty much go where and when I want without the worry of being unable to breath. My heart is getting stronger daily. What I would tell everyone is that once you know about Original Limu, then you have a moral obligation to tell everyone you know about it. You never know who is praying every day for a Miracle (just as I was) just about ready to give up hope! We have the message of Life sent by GOD . . . we are ONLY the messenger, what they do with that message is up to them! DON'T MAKE THAT DECISION FOR THEM! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THAT DECISION, that's up to them!!!

Business tip

We went from product users to product evangelist!!!! By going out and sharing with everyone we knew, we made $997.00 our first month. That definitely put our focus on being Business Builders. We achieved the rank of 20k within 70 days and the rank of 100k within 14 months. Sharing Limu is how we make our living, and what a good living it is. We paid off all bills and now live debt free. We got Cathy a new car, her old one was 16 years old. We are growing our savings. What a wonderful way to live!!!!

When someone calls you and says with tears in their eyes "Thank you for telling me about Limu, it has changed my life" you can't buy that with money. What better way to make a living . . . changing peoples lives.

Make a DECISION to Share Original Limu everyday (2 a day) at least. Make a COMMITMENT to that Decision and FOCUS on the Decision to Share Original Limu. Keep it simple! Be Consistant!

Remember always . . . We have a gift to share . . . the gift of life, of health, of financial freedom. Do not take rejection personally, it's not about you . . . it's about the lack of knowledge . . . they made a decision without taking time to get all the FACTS! Shake the dust off and move on to the next person. Someone is praying for help (like we were) and you may be the person GOD uses to deliver the answer to their prayer. It's an awesome HONOR!





As all of you know when I was in Baylor at the end of 2001 they told me that only half of my heart was working, the other half had collapsed and incapable of working (in other words dying). It was then that they told me that my heart ejection fraction was only 19% ( a healthy heart is 50 to 65%) and without a heart transplant I had about six months to live.


May 30th 2005, I was sent to East Texas Medical Center at Tyler, TX for a series of test, some of which included EKG, Eco Cardiogram, Heart Catheterization and a series of blood tests.

Another Miracle! . . . After over 3 years on Limu, ALL of my heart is now working and now my ejection fraction is up to 30%! That's almost double in 3 years. The Cardiologist couldn't believe it. Just think, another 3 years I will be back to normal!!!! . . . Do you think the Limu was worth it? You can't put a price on what Limu has done for me.

When I was in the hospital before they would have a hard time getting blood because of weak veins, I would hate to see them coming to draw blood. It would take them 30 minutes to get blood. When I would leave the hospital it would look like someone had beat me all over my arms. Black and blue and red and swollen.

Another Miracle! Now my blood veins are strong. When they would come to get blood they had no problems, it didn't hurt, praise the Lord!!! Where they put in the IV thing ... when they took it out ... you could hardly see where it had been. When I left the hospital, my arms had no marks at all, anywhere!

The Heart Catheterization showed all my arteries and veins clean and open . . . NO PROBLEMS!

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thank you for the Limu!


I went to the cardiologist on June 30th 2006 for a checkup. They did an Ecocardigram and another test is can't remember what they called it. But NOW MY HEART EJECTION FRACTION IS UP ANOTHER 5%, TO ALMOST 40%! WOW!!! MY HEART IS ANOTHER 5% STRONGER! PRAISE THE LORD!!! The doctor said "I don't need to see you for a year. Keep doing what your doing." PRAISE GOD!


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*Original Limu (TM) is not a drug and it has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is simply a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease. While your body may experience amazing positive health responses when you feed it the right nutritional building blocks, and there is indeed reliable scientific evidence supporting the beneficial effects that limu's ingredients have on the immune system and numerous other biological functions, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support some of the specific therapeutic results reported by users of the product. We therefore promote the product for its benefit on the immune system but we do not, and you must not, promote the product on the basis that it will cure, prevent or treat any disease.
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